Ancient Predator AVP Mask & Necklace Combo Set


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We would like to introduce to you this all new and improve AVP Predator Mask and Necklace Combo Set. This mask is made from full risen and offers a head strap and hanging chain for maximum display. The mask also sports ancient markings and tribal head beads with leather strap. Hanging from the mouth piece is the risen made teeth with a skull which looks like that of an Alien. This signature AVP Predator Movie piece comes accented with an antique black and gold color mixed with perfection providing the wearer with a realistic look. The head strap also comes adjustable.



Overall Length: 13 Inches
Width: 8.75 Inches (widest Part)
Construction: Resin Cast Material
Includes: Alien Skull and Teeth Necklace, Adjustable Head Strap, Hanging Chain

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