Anime Sode no Shirayuki Functional Umbrella



We have replicated the Sode no Shirayuki sword from Japanese Anime carried by Ruki Kuchiki into a stunning functional umbrella. It comes complete with a white imitation ray skin and a white nylon cord-wrapped handle with a chain that has a smiley face ornament and white ribbon. The white cast zinc aluminum guard mirrors that of the Sode no Shirayuki sword from the world famous Anime Show. The shaft of this awesome umbrella is made from stainless steel with the traditional umbrella spokes. With a push of a button the umbrella canopy opens up to a whopping size of 42inches. It also includes a matching nylon cover with a back strap so you can take it along with you when it looks like inclement weather may arise. Never leave home without this trusty, unique umbrella! "Truth is, we Zanpakut are nothing but weapons meant for fighting. Maybe, beneath it all, we do lack heart. Without your heart to guide me, I'm just a simple tool of destruction." Sode no Shirayuki- Episode 256



Overall Length: 39.25 Inches
Handle Length: 11.50 Inches
Canopy Diameter: 42 Inches
Includes: Nylon Case with Back Strap

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