Assisted Deadly Widow Maker Glass Breaker Knife



If looks could kill you would be stone cold right now. This blade is sexy and dangerous with a spear point blade that can be deployed with a flicker that becomes a guard. Once deployed you will notice the intricate stone design of a spider and her web right on the blade. Constructed of stainless steel with a single edge and comes with a glass breaker for emergencies this knife has it all. The zinc aluminum handle features a 3D black widow spider on the front lounging in her own web. The liner lock with a steel frame secures the blade and completes the double walled handle making it durable and sturdy. On the reverse side the knife features a belt clip to keep your blade at your side.



Overall length: 8.38 Inches
Blade: Length: 3.38 Inches, Width: 1.78 Inches
Blade: Thickness: 2.46 mm, Material: Stainless Steel
Handle: Length: 5 Inches, Width: 1 Inch
Handle: Thickness: .50 Inch, Material: Zinc Aluminum with Steel Frame

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