Avenging Zombie Slayer Tactical Combat Tomahawk



With everyone these days denying the existence of zombies all you can do is prepare yourself. First you need the knowledge to determine who is a zombie. Random killings are often frowned upon. Now that you can identify your target you need to stock pile your gear. The Avenging Zombie Slayer Tactical Combat Tomahawk is a must for your arsenal of zombie slaying gear. The blade is protected with a black anodized finish with silver colored edges. It features sharp points on the bit with a sharp pick axe on the back. The Zombie Slayer Recovery Crew emblem adorns the blade with a bio hazard symbol design on the pick. The handle is constructed of an ABS material securing the blade with 3 bolts. There is a black nylon cording is wrapped around the handle to create a firm comfortable grip. Included is a Velcro nylon sheath with snaps and belt loop. Everyone knows the fastest way to kill a zombie it to destroy the brain and with this axe you can behead or drive your pick right into the skull. Dont be caught unprepared. You need the Avenging Zombie Slayer Tactical Combat Tomahawk at your side.



Dimensions: Overall Length - 15.25 Inches; Blade Length - 7.75 Inches
Blade: Stainless Steel with Anodize Black Finish
Handle Wrapped: Nylon Cording
Includes: Free Black Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop

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