Black Swallowtail Beverage Opener Multi Tool Trainer


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Featuring very thick and heavy construction, this trainer beverage opener is an ideal tool for training and will help you learn to flip like a pro. Providing a user with seamless balance when flipping, the tool has a harmless 3.625 inch stainless steel blade in a satin silver finish and comes complete with a locking catch to secure the trainer in place where you need it. Useful to open beverage cans, plastic bottles or glass bottles , multiple prongs are available to allow the opening of multiple items at one time. Living up to its name as a multi tool, the blades tip doubles as an emergency screwdriver. With this kind of enhanced functionality, this is the perfect practicing tool to improve your skills.



Overall Length: 8.5 Inches
Blade Length: 3.625 Inches
Blade Material: 3 mm Thick Stainless Steel, Powder-coated black finish
Handle: 4.75 Inches, Stainless Steel
Includes: Safety Latch, Heavy Duty Construction

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