Celtic Fleur De Lis Handmade Leather Journal


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The fleur de lis is widely known throughout different cultures with many different meanings. While the fleur-de-lis has appeared on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries, it is particularly associated with the French monarchy. The tressure flory-counterflory (flowered border) has been a prominent part of the design of the Scottish royal arms and Royal Standard since James I of Scotland. The Fleurs-de-lis also appears on military insignia and the logos of many organizations. During the 20th century the symbol was adopted by various Scouting organizations worldwide for their badges. It has been known to represent the Tree of Life and the Holy Trinity but these are not the only representations of the flower of the lily which is the English translation. Our Celtic Fleur De Lis Handmade Leather Journal is handmade from quality leather. The cover features a Fleur de lis with a Celtic Knot border with embossed Celtic Floral designs. The inside has soft 100 g/m2, white color paper with 220 pages counting both sides. The pages are held together with brown sting which offers a unique X design on the outside. When you are finished, simply close the flap and lock your thoughts up tightly inside with the antiqued closure.



Dimensions: Length - 7 Inches; Width - 5 Inches; Thickness - 1 Inch
Closure: Double Lock
Paper: soft 100 g/m2, Ivory Color, 220 pages (counted both sides)
Design: Fleur de Lis (Front), Celtic Floral Design (Back)

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