Celtic Warrior Irish Ring Medieval Gaelic Warfare Sword



Exclusive to Irish Warriors during the Sixteenth Century were the Open Irish Ring Swords. A few of these swords from that era still remain in museums. Some of these swords are depicted in painting such as paintings of Lucas de Heere and the anonymous "Ashmolean drawing" depict Irish Kern carrying swords with an open ring pommel, and "forked" guard terminals. The Celtic Warrior Irish Ring Medieval Gaelic Warfare Sword is replicated after these great swords carried by these great warriors. This sword comes with a factory edge and is constructed of stainless steel. The V cross guard flares on both sides with two grooves etched on both sides. The handle is wrapped in faux leather and the pommel features an open Irish Ring design. Included is a leather sheath with belt loop. This piece is perfect for ceremonies, costumes, or just a great piece to have.



Overall Length: 41.50 Inches
Blade Length: 33.50 Inches (Dull)
Handle Length: 8 Inches
Material: Steel
Included: Leather sheath with belt loop

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