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Chainmail Bishops Mantle Collar Armor

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Mail is one of the oldest forms of metal body armor, dating well before the birth of Christ. It was the primary metal armor in Europe until the appearance of plate armor. With the adoption of plate, the use of mail among the knightly class diminished, but it continued among lesser-ranking soldiers. The mail standard or collar was a protective piece of mail worn primarily from the 14th to the 16th centuries to protect the neck and upper shoulders. Occasionally worn with or attached to a mail drape that covered the upper shoulders and trunk. Because of its similarity to the outer garment worn by certain Catholic clergy, this design has been nicknamed a "bishop's mantle." The standard was normally used in the absence of a mail coif or aventail however it can be used in conjunction with these to provide additional protection. The protection provided to the neck is similar to later plate gorgets. Mail Standards attached to bishops mantles worn over armor were used as late as the 16th century by German Landsknechts. Our mail standard is constructed of steel butted rings attached to a leather collar with stitching. It is closed and adjusted with a pair of leather straps fastened by historical buckles. For use when wearing a helmet without a mail coif or with helmets that did not use aventails. Medieval Chainmail Armor is a must have for medieval lovers. It is perfect for Renaissance festivals or even display or cosplay and costumes.



Construction: 16 Gauge Zinc Plated High Tensile Wire Mild Steel
Ring Size & Pattern: 10mm, Round, Butted
Width: 6.50 Inches
Diameter: 5.75 Inches
Overall Length: 26 Inches, 21 Inches Max. When Closed