Chainmaile Child Knights Handmade Haubergeon


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All a knight wants is a taste of glory and you want that taste, just a little taste. Now there is no need to wait till you are all grown. Don your maile and grab your wooden sword. Your steed is right outside waiting. Maybe this time you will be Lancelot or King Arthur it doesn’t matter because you will be the best dressed knight on your block in your handmade maile. It is constructed from 16 gauge mild steel with a zinc plated finish. This shirt is handmade with a 4 to 1 pattern and butted 10mm rings. With this chainmail shirt you will also receive a coif made from the same material and the same pattern. So don’t keep your knight’s waiting Arthur!



Overall: Length: 20 Inches; Width: 20 Inches; Chest Size: 40 Inches
Construction: Mild Steel; Finish: Zinc Plated; ID/Gauge: 10MM, 16G
Arm: Width: 8 Inches; Length: 8 Inches; Coif Overall Length: 13.25 Inches
Coif Face Opening: 6x6 Inches; Coif Bottom Span: 17.50 Inches
For Ages: 10 to 15 Years; Ring Pattern: 4 in 1, Butted

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