Crimson Web Slinger Stiletto Spring Assist Knife


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Nearly all cultures have some sort of spider mythology, and folktales about these crawly creatures. Spiders have been known throughout history in the story of David…. Approximately 3060 years ago David was being pursued by King Saul when he hid in a cave near Jerusalem. A spider made its web across the opening. When Saul saw the web, he called his men away, saying that it was useless to search the cave because the web showed that no one could have entered. So David's life was saved and he lived on to become King of Israel. Not only did spiders help David but they were there for Muhammad as well. It is said that fourteen hundred years ago the prophet Mohammed was being chased by his enemies near Mecca when he hid in a cave. Miraculously, an acacia tree sprang up out of the ground in front of the cave. A wood-pigeon nested in the tree and a spider made its web between the cave entrance and the tree. As a result his enemies overlooked the cave and Mohammed escaped to become the Prophet of Islam so not all spiders are known to have dark intent. Our Crimson Web Slinger Stiletto Spring Assist Knife is very sharp and great for cutting rope, opening packages or boxes. This spear point blade is constructed of stainless steel with a black finish and single edge. The anodized aluminum handle is doubles walled with a steel frame and liner lock. A spider adorns the front of the handle and is painted red while the back design fades into the back ground. This knife has a slim build with clean lines like a stiletto but with a spring assist action. Assist the blade with the flicker about 30 degree and watch the spring do the rest. A double flicker has been added for easy opening. Included is a steel pocket clip.



Overall: Length: 9 Inches, Thickness: 2 MM
Blade: Length: 4 Inches, Material: Steel with Black Finish
Handle: Length: 5 Inches, Material: Anodized Aluminum with Steel Frame
Lock: Liner
Includes: Belt Clip

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