Crocodile Hunter Wood Big Bad Bowie Knife


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A hunter's delight, the foot-long razor-sharp blade of our Crocodile Hunter Bowie Knife is perfect for carving, skinning or whatever you need! Mirror polished, the stainless steel blade is durable and long lasting with a sawback spine. The wood grip fits well within the hand and features a solid brass pommel while a small brass tanguard helps protect your hand from slipping. Comes with a FREE black genuine leather sheath and belt loop for easy maneuverability.



Overall Length: 17 Inches
Blade: Length: 12 Inches, Thickness: 4.25 mm, Material: 440 Mirror Polish Stainless Steel
Handle: Length: 4.875 Inches, Material: Wood
Pommel: Solid Brass
Includes: Free Black Genuine Leather Sheath, Belt Loop

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