Damascus Steel Messenger of Death Tri Blade Dagger



This blade is a beautiful as it is deadly. Made from Damascus steel that features a twist pattern in a tri blade style this dagger is nothing short of stunning.  Stunning but deadly as not only is the point sharp but this piece is solid and heavy. Once contact is made the full twist blade design just keeps embedding the dagger further and further in causing extensive damage. The handle is also constructed of Damascus steel and ribbed for a firm grip.  Did you know that Damascus steel blades are reputed to be not only tough but sharp and resilient edge. Damascus steel is placed in layers and heated and fused together by hammering. The steel is folded and this arduous process is repeated until hundreds of layers are achieved making this blade a work of art and a death machine. Included is a tooled leather sheath with snap closure and belt loop.



Blade Layers: 176
Blades Temper: 54- 55
Construction: Handmade
Blade Pattern: Twist

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