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Dance of the birds handmade Katana

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This sword is as practical as it is stunning. This sword is hand folded and forged using traditional methods and knowhow. Using high carbon steel the metal is folded multiple times to drive out impurities, before being drawn out into a sword shape. The sword is then encased in clay to protect it during the tempering phase. The sword is heated until it glows the color of the rising sun. It is then plunged into freezing water. This process has the effect of hardening the cutting edge and leaving the telltale sign of this this treatment, the hamone. The hamone is a pattern in the metal near the edge and no two are alike. The sword is then fitted with a metal guard and handle. The pegs are inserted to ensure a tight fit. The sword is sharpened into a fine cutting edge and the handle wrapped. This version is absolutely beautiful! The blade is black Damascus steel forged from 1065 high carbon steel. Truly a rare sight that is equal parts stunning and graceful. The blade features a blood groove and the edge is honed to a fine cutting edge. The guard is cast of a zinc alloy with multiple colors showing off a beautiful bird motif. The ray skin handle is wrapped with black cord and the scabbard is matte black. This work of art comes with a silk lined display box and sword bag.



42.5 inches overall length
27.5 inch Black Damascus blade with blood groove sharpened to a fine edge
Ray skin handle with black cord wrapping
Zinc allow guard and fitting with blossom motif
Includes matte black scabbard and silk lined gift box