Dark Link Shadow Legend of Zelda Master Sword with Plaque



Be part of the game with your very own Dark Link Shadow Legend of Zelda Master Sword with Plaque. This piece comes to you straight from the Zelda Adventure series. This is the sword of Dark Link himself. . In the Adventure of Link inside the Grand Palace, Dark Link is the final obstacle Link has to overcome in the game. While in the palace the lights go out and Links shadow jumps from his body and initiates an attack. Imagine having to fight your final battle with your dark side. Dark Link can utilize most on Links very own skills. The Dark Link Shadow Legend of Zelda Master Sword has a hand painted glossy black metal hilt and guard. Painted red and silver accents adorn the piece with a red jewel to match. The 440 stainless steel blade comes with a factory edge and the Triforce symbol etched on both sides of the blade. Included is a wooden wall plaque so you can proudly display your piece. The plaque is silkscreened with a golden Triforce symbol and darkened around the outer edges.



Dimensions: Overall Length - 37.5 Inches, Blade Length - 27.5 Inches
Blade: Stainless Steel, Double Edge, Factory Sharp
Wall Display Material: Wood with Steel Hardware
Plaque Length: 11.5 Inches
Plaque Width: 8.75 Inches

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