Dark Venom Spring Assist Stiletto Knife



Spider venom makes it safe for the spider to feed on its prey without the risk of a struggle. After paralyzing its prey, some spiders may wrap it up in silk to make it easier to transport back to the nest. Only a small percentage of species have bites that pose a danger to people. Many spiders do not have mouthparts capable of penetrating human skin. While venoms are by definition toxic substances, most spiders do not have venom that is toxic to humans to require medical attention. Our Dark Venom Spring Assist Stiletto Knife is double walled anodized aluminum black handle features a spider with a green skull for added flair. The spear point blade is constructed of stainless steel with a black finish and a fuller with weight reducing cutouts running down the center. This blade is single edged with a partial serration and a spider web at the tip. Very sharp and able to cut rope, boxes, or packages. For easy opening a double flicker is featured with a liner locking mechanism to lock the blade up tight. In case of emergencies this knife is equipped with a belt cutter and glass breaker. Built with the sleek design of a stiletto but the fast action of a spring assist this blade will not disappoint. Included is a pocket clip to keep your knife snug in your pocket at all times.



Overall: Length: 9 Inches, Thickness: 2 MM
Blade: Length: 3.75 Inches, Material: Steel with Black Finish
Handle: Length: 5.25 Inches, Material: Anodized Aluminum with Steel Frame
Lock: Liner
Includes: Belt Clip

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