Death Walker Bolo Machete


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Ideal for brush clearing and chopping while out in the field, this heavy duty full tang bolo machete is constructed from a solid slab of heavy duty 3cr13 surgical steel with a satin finish. Equipped with a versatile 16 inch long blade that comes sharp, the distinctive bulge of this bolo machete adds heft to the fore-blade for additional chopping power. An 11 inch fuller serves to lighten the blade while maintaining its strength, making it useful for heavier chopping or slashing if needed. The sword comes with a FREE leather snap fastened sheath that is reinforced to prevent damage while sheathed.



Overall Length: 22 Inches
Blade Length: 16 Inches; Thickness: 3.5 mm
Blade Material: 3cr13 Surgical Steel, Satin finish
Handle Material: Wood
Includes: Tan leather snap fastened sheath, 11 Inch fuller

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