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An assisted-opening knife is a type of folding knife which uses an internal mechanism to finish the opening of the blade once the user has partially opened it using a flipper or thumb stud attached to the blade. The first assisted opening knife was designed by Blackie Collins in 1995 and was named the "Strut-and-Cut"; it was based on the strut of his Ducati motorcycle. This particular blade has a drop point style. A drop point is a knife blade that slopes on the spine of the blade from the handle of the knife to the tip of the blade. This is one the most popular style of blade in pocket knives on the market today. The benefits of a drop point style blade are that they are easily controllable. This makes them a popular choice on hunting knives.



Overall Length: 9 Inches
Blade: 3 Inches Long, 3mm Thick, 440 Stainless Steel Black Finish
Lock: Liner
Handle: 6 Inches Long, Aluminum, Double Wall Reinforced
Handle Features: Flashlight, Seat Belt Cutter, and Glass Breaker

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