Four Tier Samurai Warrior Sword Stand



Fill this sleek sword stand with four of your favorite swords. If you have a collection of swords, this sword stand is a must-have. On the front is the samurai warrior emblem over the flat black finished hardwood. You can mount it to the wall with a steel bracket, or stand it on a flat surface. Assembly is strait forward with a Philips screw driver. The included hardware is sturdy and long lasting. Assembly Tips: Only use the appropriately sized Philips head screw driver, a large flat surface to work, and an extra hand. First, insert each screw one at a time and drive it in until the screw head almost contacts the surface. Do this for all 8 screws before you continue. Once all 8 screws are in, you can begin tightening them. Make sure the wooden stand pieces are pressed together and lined up square. Then tighten each screw slowly. Do not over-tighten, as that can damage the threading.



Overall Length: 22.5 Inches
Capacity: 4 Katana
Material: Hardwood, Finished Black
Orientation: Wall Mount or Table Mount

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