Freemason Brotherhood Spring Assist Tactical Knife



Equipped with useful tools to get you out of whatever predicament you might find yourself in, the razor sharp blade on this pocket knife makes it one of the very best knives you can carry. With a powder coated black finish and piercing spear point tip, the serrated blade is ready for action. Textured to provide a solid grip in hand, the industrial strength aluminum handle features an arctic camo finish with steel bolsters and bolster lining providing strength and support for rugged everyday use. A sturdy engineered steel pocket clip assures the knife will never be far from your side and readily available for use whenever you need it while the rope cutter and glass breaker on the tip should prove quite useful.



Dimensions: Overall Length - 8 Inches, Blade Length - 3.375 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Powder coated black finish with silver lining
Blade Style: Spear point, Partially serrated
Handle Material: Aluminum, FREEMASON emblem, Arctic camo finish, Heavy duty industrial grip
Includes: Pocket Clip, Rope cutter, Glass breaker

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