Hanzo Demon Handmade Kill Bill Movie Sword Replica


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In the movie Kill Bill, Hanzo has taken a blood oath to never create an instrument of death again, after his last student, Bill became an evil assassin. This sword is replicated from the movie as the sword Bill uses. It is constructed from 1090 carbon steel and is full tang. The blade has been clay tempered which makes the steel harder and enables the blade to retain a sharp edge. The hamon is visible on the blade from tempering. The blade features the Hanzo demon stamped into the blade. The tsuka (handle) is wrapped in real fish skin with a cotton ito, two menuki, and two bamboo pegs. The zinc aluminum guard is the traditional Hanzo guard from the movie. The glossy black saya (scabbard) features a three leaf sycamore emblem engraved with an ornate Hanzo carved demon and intricate zinc aluminum accents. The sleek design has clean lines making this sword a piece to treasure. Included are a sword bag and gift box. This master piece is not only for display but the blade is sharp and it fully functional. If you are a fan of Kill Bill then this sword is a must.



Overall Length: 41.50 Inches
Blade Length: 28.50 Inches; Thickness: 7 mm
Blade: 1090 High Carbon Steel, Full Tang, Battle Ready, Sharp
Handle: Genuine Fish Skin, Cotton Wrapped
Includes: Free Sword Bag, Gift Box, and Stand

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