Hunt For Life™ Bayou Crawler Mini Damascus Outdoor Knife


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Hunt For Life™ Bayou Crawler Mini Damascus Outdoor Knife. Smaller knives like the Mini Damascus Bayou Crawler Outdoor Knife are better for skinning as you do not have so much knife to control and you can cut make more precise cuts. Also with this compact blade there is not the extra bulk you would have with a full sized blade. This small blade is built solid with a Damascus steel blade with a gorgeous flowing random pattern. You will notice how the tang runs the full length of the knife. The brass guard not only protects the user’s hands but accents the brass pins and pipe in the handle. The handle has been constructed of wood that has been hand polished and treated. The grain is very prominent and makes a bold statement. Besides being pleasing to the eye another benefit of a wood handle is that it is easy on the hands. This is important because when field dressing game it can be quite time consuming. Included for your carrying convenience is a leather sheath that has been hand sewn with the Hunt For Life™ emblem tooled in the center and belt loop.



Overall Length: 6 Inches
Blade: Length: 2.13 Inches, Width: 1.06 Inches, Material: Damascus Steel, Thickness: 5 mm
Handle Material: Tali Wood
Handle: Length: 3.78 Inches, Width: .62 Inch
Guard: Width: 1.38 Inch, Material: Brass

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