Kagerou Project Takane "Ene" Enomoto Anime Katana


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"Ene" is the sixth member of the Mekakushi Dan. She was once human, known as Takane Enomoto but was later turned into a computer program. She is a naive cyber girl who lives in Kisaragi Shintaro's computer as a virus. She can infect anything that uses electricity, and enjoys annoying Shintaro. Ene's eye ability is known as the "Opening Eyes", which allows her to be immortal and to transform into a cyber-being. After regaining her human form as Takane, she is able to send her consciousness into electronic devices and control them as her cyber-self, as long as there is a wireless port. The Kagerou Project Takane "Ene" Enomoto Anime Katana is constructed of stainless steel with a factory edge. The handle is wrapped with a white cotton wrap with a tail. The pommel consists of a blue faux stone to finish off this piece. Included is a faux white leather sheath with nylon strap. Display piece only.



Overall Length: 40.75 Inches
Blade Length: 26.50 Inches
Blade Material: Steel, (Dull)
Handle: 12.50 Inches
Includes: Faux Leather

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