Kukri Pride of a Nation Utility Knife


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The kukri is the national weapon and icon of Nepal. It was and still is the basic and traditional utility knife of Nepalese, a formidable and very effective weapon of Gurkhas regiment throughout the world. This exquisite piece of local craftsmanship is symbolic of pride and valor. It also has a wickedly curved in shape. And that makes is just plain awesome! The blade is constructed of mild steel with a fuller to lighten the blade and a cho. What is a cho? Well it is usually a notch at the base of the blade. Various reasons are given for this, both practical and ceremonial that it makes blood and sap drop off the blade rather than running onto the handle, that it delineates the end of the blade whilst sharpening, that it is a symbol representing a cow foot, or shiva. This kukri is full tang with a wooden handle. There are two pins riveted into the tang and a steel butt cap. The scabbard is made of wood covered in leather with a protective metal cap over the point and a laced frog with two belt loops. This knife makes a companion for the Outdoorsman in your life.



Overall Length: 13.50 Inches
Blade: Length: 9 Inches; Thickness: 7 mm
Blade Width: 1.63
Blade Material: Mild Steel
Handle Material: Wood

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