La Kill Ryuko Rending Scissors Set


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This exclusive La Kill Ryuko Rending Scissors Set includes both Ryuko Matoi's and Nui Harime's sides for the complete scissor in the solid red it turns.  While these two swords are divided during the beginning of the show between the Doctor's daughter and his killer, when his daughter brings them together she and the swords turn into a major force to be reckoned with.  This set has both swords that can be used separately or together it also includes a sheath for each one.    Both swords are glossy red painted and full sized in their natural form.  They do not connect together but you may find a way to make them connect via the matching center holes.   The handles are wrapped in a soft nylon for better grip while adding to its design.  Each blade is factory sharpened and made of Carbon Steel.  Defend your honor, use the Rending Scissor and take revenge in the name of the doctor!



Overall Length: 31 Inches (Blade 1); 31.25 Inches (Blade 2)
Blade Length: 17.5 Inches (Blade 1); 20.5 Inches (Blade 2)
Blades: 4mm Thick - Full Tang Carbon Steel, High Gloss Red Painted Finish
Handles: Half Scissor Crescent and Circle Shapes, Wrapped w Nylon Cord
Includes: Free Sheath, Double Shoulder Straps, Triple Snaps, Fully Adjustable

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