Land Ho! Moveable Pirate Telescope Pendant



Land Ho! is exactly what you're little lookout Pirate will be shouting from the crow's nest when they wear this Moveable Pirate Telescope Pendant next time they play! Any Nautical fan would love to have this necklace add to their personal style or complement their costume! Ahoy there, Matey's grab this Beautiful brass bobble and set yourself on course to another wonderful day. If you're not so much into the pirate scene don't forget this could also be used as a really cool spy glass just like in the book and movie with a secret organization who used a similar spy glass as their symbol- just don't get yourself caught up in any unfortunate events; be safe out there!



Pendant Size: 1.5 Inch Long Closed, 2.37 Inch Extended x .75 Inch Wide
Chain Size: Adjustable up to 16.5 Inch
Chain Material: Leather Cord
Metal Color: Brass
Finish: Polished

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