Legends of the Old West Damascus Steel Hand Forged Knife


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Well-built with impeccable craftsmanship, the Legends of the Old West Liner Lock Folding Damascus Steel Hand Forged Pocket Knife is pleasing to the eye. This hand crafted custom Damascus steel knife was fire forged with high grades of steel folded over and over again to produce the blade's distinctive look as well as a forceful and powerful edge. All Damascus blades are instantly recognizable by their contours that resemble a multitude of different patterns from the geometric to the flowing water designs. The blade temper is around 54 to 55 with 176 layers and the folding amount 300-350 times. The blade is clip point style and features an ambidextrous thumb stud for opening the knife. The carved horn handle is contoured for a firm yet comfortable grip. Brass liners and spacer adorn the handle with a mosaic pin and Damascus steel bolster. This beautiful piece also comes with a brown leather tooled sheath with snap to protect your blade and to keep at your side for when you need it.



Overall Length: 8 Inches
Blade Length: 3.50 Inches; Material: Damascus steel
Folding Amount: 300-350 Times
Blade Layers: 176; Temper: 54-55
Handle Length: 4.50 Inches; Material: Horn with Mosaic Pin

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