Loose Type 2 Style Steel Lamellar Armor Plates


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Lamellar Armor was one of the three earliest styles of body armor. Lamellar armor was used over a wide range of time periods in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and across Asia, including Japan. The Loose Type 2 Style Steel Lamellar Armor Plates comes in a pack of 100 pieces. Each piece is 4 x 1. By lacing each piece together in parallel rows creating a scale style piece but not needing the back scaled armor does. Each pack comes oiled to prevent rusting and prolong the life of these plates. You can now custom make your very own 20g armor for your next big battle.



Overall Length: 4 Inches
Overall Width: Approximately 1 Inch
Weight Each Piece: Approximately 20gm
Style: Type 2
Quantity: 100 pieces

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