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Medieval 18g Spangenhelm Combat Helmet

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Deeply rooted in history is the nasal helmet. It was a type of combat helmet characterized by the possession of a projecting bar covering the nose and thus protecting the center of the face. The nasals of these helmets were often so large that the wearer was unrecognizable to an observer. In the Battle of Hastings it is said that William the Conqueror had to lift his helmet to show his troops that he was still alive. This is an indication of the anonymity nasal helmets produced. This helmet is made from 18 gauge mild steel and polished to shine. It would usually have been worn over a mail coif, which protected the lower parts of the head, throat and neck. The outside has extra pieces of steel riveted around the bottom, front, back, and sides. On top there is even a decorative flower to hide the intersections. Inside is a leather suspension liner with an adjustable chin strap complete with a brass buckle.



Height: 9 Inches
Width: 7.25 Inches
Diameter: 8.5 Inches
Forehead Circumference: 28 Inches


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