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Medieval European Knights Arming Crusader Sword

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The arming sword (also sometimes called a knight's or knightly sword) is a type of European sword . Our single-hand Medieval European Knight's Arming Sword sets new standards of quality and authenticity in broadsword construction. This sword has been constructed with carbon steel. The blade features a central ridge fuller running 3/4 way down the middle. The sword is classically styled, with a cruciform hilt, with medallion style pommel and a leather wrapped handle with finger grooving. The hilt and guard is made from the same material as the blade. Most of the weight is on the blade itself so that the sword can be wielded forcefully without undue wear and tear on the arm. The wooden scabbard is leather covered with steel fittings. This is a perfect sword for re-enactor, cosplay or Medieval Festivals. *Please note that due to the carbon steel construction of this handmade sword, there may be slight imperfections including some rusting on this item. This rust is easily removable and should not deter from the long-term value of this item. Further rusting can be avoided by proper maintenance of the blade.



Overall Length: 39 Inches (Out of Scabbard)
Blade Length: 32.50 Inches
Blade Material: Carbon Steel (Dull)
Guard Width: 8 Inches
Scabbard: Leather Wrap, Steel Fittings