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Middle Ages Great Helm Iron Cross Armor Helmet

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The Great Helm rose in popularity during the High Middle Ages. It offered vastly superior protect than previous helmets. These helmets were mostly used by knights and heavy infantry in most European armies between about 1220 to 1540 AD. The Middle Ages Great Helm Iron Cross Helmet is constructed of hand-forged 18 gauge mild steel with an interior leather lining with chin straps and a brass buckle. This helm has menacing narrow eye slits and a ventilated face guard for maximum protection. Each piece has been riveted to the frame of this helmet making it a durable and solid piece. This helmet not only protects the head it also protects the face, eyes, and front and back of the neck. To prevent rusting and prolong the life of the helmet it comes oiled. The Middle Ages Great Helm Iron Cross Helmet is prefect re-reenactments, Ren Fens, and costumes.



Overall Length: 13.5 Inches
Diameter: Front to Back: 10.50 Inches; Side to Side: 8.5 Inches
Eye Slits: 6 x .50 Inch
Forehead Circumference: 26.77 Inches
Material 18 Gauge Low Carbon Mild Steel

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