WOW: Night Elf Feat of Strength Fantasy War Blade


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Wielded by the one known as the Betrayer these fantasy war blades are formidable in battle. This night elf receives his name after deceiving both his friends and family for power. Now being hunted by the Legion the Betrayer flees to Outland’s to protect himself. He is exceedingly efficient with this weapon as he evades attacks and relentlessly pursues enemies. These blades are usually connected, but could be disconnected to form separate weapons in the game. The Night Elf Feat of Strength Fantasy War Blade comes as one piece with two massive stainless steel blades that feature a green metallic finish. They are joined in the center with a golden finished aluminum emblem that has been detailed with great care. The emblem represents an image from a humanoid panda race in the game. A handle sits behind the emblem so you can use your fantasy sword to finish off a costume or re-enactment piece. A wooden wall plaque with a wall mounting kit is provided to display your treasure anywhere you wish in your house or office.



Overall: Length: 49.13 Inches; Height: 7.25 Inches; Thickness: .13 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Middle Emblem: 8.25 x .86 x 7.75 Inches Aluminum
Overall Handle Dimensions: 7 x 1.50 Inches
Hand Placement Area: 4.50 x 1.25 Inches

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