Norse Journeyman Water Buffalo Horn Drinking Mug


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Man has been enjoying the occasional beverage long before glasses became the norm. Often animal horns were hollowed out and used to hold tasty beverages at feasts and ceremonies. These drinks included mead, wine, and ale. Even today you can find vessels just like these being given as gifts or used during wedding ceremonies. The Norse journeyman Water Buffalo Horn Drinking Mug is completely 100% all natural and made from water buffalo horn. There are no two alike as they are as unique as the animal they came from. The tankard is attached together using a food grade epoxy and sealed water tight. The flat bottom is horn as well and has been hand polished. After a long day of work just grab a refreshing drink using our Norse Journeyman Water Buffalo Horn Drinking Mug and just relax.



No Two are Alike
Overall Length: 5 to 7 Inches
100% All Natural
Approximately 10-15 oz

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