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Punk Trojan Helmet 20g Gladiator Helmet

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$179.99 CAD
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This helmet is replicated after the Corinthian helmet that originated in ancient Greece but with a few fierce upgrades. Constructed of 20 gauge copper plate this piece comes oiled to prevent rusting and prolong the life of the helmet. Steel Spikes protrude from the lower jawline on both sides, well as nasal column, and front part of the helmet. A brass septum ring dangles from the nose guard. Inside features a faux leather adjustable chin strap with buckle and rexine lining. Riveted to the top is a holder where you will slide on and secure the plume on the helmet. The plume is made of simulated horse hair. Gladiators were Warrior Entertainers and so there job was not only to fight and live but to entertain a crowd. Some had costumes and armor to match their ferocity in the arena and strike fear in their opponent just by their presence. Try the Punk Trojan Helmet 20g Gladiator Helmet and strike fear in the hearts of your enemies.



Overall Length: 14 Inches
Overall Width: 7.75 Inches
Materials: 20g Copper Plate, Faux Leather, Horse Hair