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Queen of the Jungle Lioness Walking Sword Cane

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A female lion is called a lioness and these fierce felines are the hunters for their pride. Each lioness develops specific skills for her role in the hunting techniques used by her pride and, generally, assumes that role during most hunts. The females are expert stalkers and the color of their coat helps camouflage them. Our Queen of the Jungle Lioness Walking Cane depicts the head of a lioness bearing her teeth with a brushed metal finish. The zinc aluminum handle has impeccable detailing right down to the whiskers. The shaft is constructed of steel with a black finish and an aluminum collar. Hidden inside is a stainless steel tanto style blade for your protection. The bottom of this cane features a rubber stopper to help balance and prevent slipping. Take the lioness out on stroll the next time you’re out on the prowl.



Overall Length: 33.75 Inches
Handle: 4 Inches; Zinc Aluminum
Head Handle: 1.50 Inches
Shaft: 29.50 Inches; Steel with Black Finish
Blade: 13.50 Inches; Stainless Steel; Tanto Style