Ritual Possession Divine Chaos Fantasy Axe


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Trapped in the blade is the essence of a lower level demon with the ability of possession. A curse was put on the blade trapping the demon to serve the underworld for his treachery. The Ritual Possession Divine Chaos Fantasy Axe has a blade that is constructed of stainless steel with etching on the blade. The blade has a wicked jagged edge adding to this menacing looing piece. The zinc aluminum handle is adorned with several wicked spikes with a painted faux wrapped handle. A skull is featured at the top near the blade with a spike out the top and a pick axe. Included is a stand to display this unique piece.



Length: 15.75 inches (Overall); 12 inches (Handle)
Blade: 8 inches (Length); Dull
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Zinc Aluminum
Includes: Wooden Stand

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