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Roman Infantry Army Spatha Damascus Steel Sword

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The legendary sword known as the Damascus steel intimidated the European invaders into the 'Holy Lands' of the Islamic civilization throughout the Crusades (AD 1095-1270). Besides their beautiful aesthetic appearances, pattern-welded steels produced a metal that was harder and more flexible than traditional wrought iron. These features were critical in the making of a long bladed weapon, such as a sword. This style of sword is mimicked after the Roman spatha. The spatha was a type of straight and long sword, measuring between 0.75 and 1 m (30 and 39 in). The Roman Infantry Army Spatha Damascus Steel Sword has a unique handle as the pommel and bolster are flat and made out of Damascus steel. The flat end of the pommel makes it easier to rear back and smash your opponent in the face if you are ever ambushed from behind. The center features a smooth contoured bone surface with olive wood and horn spacers. In between each section there are brass inserts to add elegance to the piece and define each natural material making a bold statement.The Damascus blade on the Roman Infantry Army Spatha Damascus Steel Sword has a firestorm pattern that was created while forging this piece at high temperatures. These blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge. Included to house your blade is a tooled hand stitched leather sheath with belt loop. Bring home the Roman Infantry Army Spatha Damascus Steel Sword and show off the impeccable craftsmanship of this magnificent piece.



Overall Length: 30.50 Inches
Blade: 23.25 Inches, 1.75 Inches Wide, 5mm Thick, Damascus Steel
Handle Length: 7.25 Inches
Handle Material: Wood, Horn, Bone, Damascus Steel, Brass
Handmade and Includes Tooled Leather Sheath