Roronao Zoro Yubashiri Functional Umbrella


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Zoro obtained Yubashiri from a sword shop owner in Loguetown. This sword was light but extremely strong and allowed for fast actions while maintain a powerful cutting edge. Yubashiri was a long katana with a black handle. It had a cross-shaped guard and a black lacquered sheath. Though mostly black, the sheath and the handle both had thin yet elaborate gold designs on them. In the battle against Shu, Zoro slashed at him with Yubashiri and he caught the blade with his bare hands and immediately corroded nearly the entire blade into dust. Zoro kept the remains of the blade in its sheath and on his waistband from then on until he found an appropriate resting place for Yubashiri. We have taken the remains of Yubashiri and created a beautiful and functional umbrella for the fans of Zoro. The handle is completely wrapped in a black cord with brushed golden ornaments and decorations. The guard is the made of cast zinc aluminum and mirrors the guard of Yubashiri. The shaft of this awesome umbrella is made from stainless steel with the traditional umbrella spokes. With a push of a button the umbrella canopy opens up to a whopping size of 42inches. It also includes a matching nylon cover with a back strap so you can take it along with you when it looks like inclement weather may arise. Never leave home without this trusty, unique umbrella!



Overall Length: 39.25 Inches
Handle Length: 11.50 Inches
Canopy Diameter: 42 Inches
Includes: Nylon Case with Back Strap

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