Royal Horse Guard Calvary Saber Wooden Practice Sword


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Join the British Army as a Royal Horse Guard as part of a Calvary regiment. Issued standard with your uniform is your trusty sabre which you keep with you at all times. Battle French Revolutionaries in your own back yard with your Royal Horse Guard Calvary Saber Wooden Practice Sword Replica LARP. Hand crafted from sold Oak wood with a finely carved blood groove to help distribute the weight of the blade, this exquisite piece is also perfect for cosplay costume or LARP use. Measuring 29.75 inches long overall with a 5 inch long protective guard and 6.75 inch long handle, this wooden sword is very thick (10 mm) and solid to the core. This sword is also the perfect gift for that child who wants to be a solider at heart.



Overall Length: 29.75 Inches
Blade Length: 23 Inches
Blade: Oak, Wooden, Practice, Saber
Guard: 5 Inches
Thickness: 10 mm

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