Skull & Crossbones Renaissance Heater Shield



As with the kite shield, one can see that the shape of the Skull & Crossbones Renaissance Heater Shield is well-suited to heraldic display. Paint your name or Guild's Name on the banner below the bones for a personal touch. Its top is flat, and the edges come to a point, like a triangle with convex-curving sides. Developing from kite shields, early heater shields are often just under two feet wide. In later period shields, when used in conjunction with high quality armor, the shields shrink in size. This high quality reproduction is forged from eighteen gauge steel and would made an amazing display in any pirate themed decor or in use for a costume at the Renaissance Fair, for your guild when LARPing and so much more!



Length: 28 Inches
Width: 20 Inches
Material: 18 Gauge Steel
Design: Black with White Skull, Crossbones, and Blank Banner

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