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Valiant Archers Medieval War Arming Sword

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It was during the Hundred Years War that longbow men seemed to gain a little respectability and many believe this happened as a direct result of events of the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. The English army, led by King Edward III's son Edward, commonly known as the Black Prince, was heavily outnumbered by the enemy. However the longbow men won the day and were so ferocious in their attack that at one point they ran out of arrows so had to advance forward to retrieve arrows protruding from their enemy's bodies. Archers were not only equipped in combat with their trusty bows but they also carried buckler shields and arming swords in case they had to engage in close combat. The Valiant Archers Medieval War Arming Sword is constructed of steel with a ball pommel and wooden handle. The cross guard is steel and to house the blade is a wooden scabbard wrapped in leather a hand stitched with a belt loop. This makes a great piece for any collector or part of a costume for plays and re-enactments.



Overall Length: 40.50 Inches (In Scabbard)
Blade - 30 Inches, , 1.75 Inches Wide, 2 mm Thick, Dull
Material: Steel, Leather, Wood
Handle Length - 8 Inches, Guard Width - 6.75 Inches

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