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Viking Age Scandinavian Skeggøx Battle Axe | Engraved Handle

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A Skeggøx, or bearded axe, is a tool or weapon that has been used since the 6th century. The lower extended portion of the head is called the beard, and is beneficial because it provides a wider cutting surface without adding excessive weight to the axe. In battle, the beard can be used to hook an opponent’s leg and sweep them off balance, or to pull a shield down to disarm and leave the defender helpless. This replica Viking battle axe is made in the style of a traditional bearded axe. The head is forged from carbon steel with a blackened finish, and has a razor-sharp edge that extends approximately 3.5 inches below the butt of the axe head. The smooth contoured handle is made of Sheesham wood, which is known to be lightweight and durable. An intricate knot motif is engraved onto either side of the handle below the axe head. A lanyard hole located at the bottom of the handle allows you to attach a cord or string. *Also Available with Plain Handle.



Functional, Battle Ready
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Overall Length: 20.5 inches, Handle Length: 19 inches
Axe Head: Overall Length: 6.5 inches
Blade Length: 5.5 inches

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