Zatoichi Hardwood Short Staff Hanbo



The Zatoichi Hanbo is a functional representation of many styles of fighting. It is harvested from the hardwood of a tree trunk, giving it strong characteristics. The exterior has been stained with Urethane surface after the pattern is burned into the wood. You can clearly see the quality of wood and production used to create this Short Staff. Features a rounded end. Before mastering the sword, some Dojo require the mastering of the Hanbo, also known as a short staff. Some martial arts have centered particularly around this weapon, like Hanbo Jutsu. Mastering the short staff can provide a means to easily overpower a sword-wielding opponent.



Overall Length: 26 Inches
Circumference: 3.5 Inches
Material: Hardwood
Finish: Urethane Stain, Burn Engraved

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