Zombie Killer Deterrent Full Tang Sawback Machete



A big blade that delivers brute chopping and slashing power, this heavy duty machete is ideal for stabbing, slicing, and decapitating Zombies. Full tang and built to withstand wear and tear, the machete is constructed from a solid slab of heavy duty stainless steel with a black anodize finish. The spine features a wave design to compliment the fierce style of this piece and weight reducing cutouts help to deliver graceful yet forceful swings that cut clean on impact. The ergonomic textured black and green ABS grip helps to maximize comfort while minimizing slippage and to match the handle Zombie Killer is silk-screened on the blade so you know exactly what this machete was made for. The machete comes with a FREE nylon Velcro fastened sheath that is reinforced to prevent damage while sheathed and a lanyard hole.



Overall Length: 25 Inches
Blade Length: 18 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Black anodize finish, 3 mm Thick
Handle Material: ABS, Rubber grip
Includes: Velco fastened Nylon sheath with Belt Loop and shoulder Sling

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