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Sakura Serenity Hand forged Cherry Blossom Katana

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Embrace the timeless beauty of the Sakura Serenity, a masterpiece katana that marries the artistry of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the elegance of cherry blossoms. This hand forged katana boasts a high carbon steel blade, meticulously shaped and honed to a razor's edge, ready to cut through the air with precision and grace. The intricate cherry blossom motif extends beyond the blade to the metal guard, a true testament to the artisan's dedication to detail. The cotton-wrapped handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip, while the metal pommel adds a touch of sophistication to the sword's design. Housed in a black lacquered sheath adorned with a stunning cherry blossom motif, the Sakura Serenity is a visual masterpiece even in repose. From tip to pommel, every inch of this 41-inch katana reflects the essence of Japan's cherry blossom season, capturing the serenity and fleeting beauty of nature.



High Carbon Steel Blade: Hand forged for exceptional strength and a razor-sharp edge.
Cherry Blossom Guard: The metal guard features an intricate cherry blossom motif, adding an artistic touch to the sword.
Cotton-Wrapped Handle: Ensures a comfortable and secure grip for precise and controlled handling.
Metal Pommel: Topped with a metal pommel that enhances the overall balance and aesthetic appeal.
Lacquered Scabbard: Housed in a black lacquered sheath with a beautiful cherry blossom motif, combining protection with artistic elegance.

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