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16th Century Corseque Spear Functional Replica for Medieval Mastery

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Unleash the spirit of the 16th century with our hand-forged, high carbon steel Corseque spear a functional replica that goes beyond mere costume adornment. The roughened antiqued finish adds authenticity, making it a striking prop for medieval enthusiasts and a fully functional piece for reenactments. This long spear-style head features a 10-inch central blade flanked by two smaller blades, known as wings or flukes, creating a versatile design for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. The 4-inch pre-drilled socket with 1.3 inch opening allows seamless attachment to a wooden shaft of your choice, enabling you to craft a personalized piece for all your reenactment needs. Embrace the tactical advantages of the Corseque's unique design, offering enhanced options for disarming opponents. With an overall length of 16.5 inches, this replica captures the essence of 16th-century martial mastery.



Authentic Design: Hand-forged from high carbon steel with a roughened antiqued finish
Functional Replica: Beyond a costume piece, suitable for reenactments
Versatile Winged Design: 10-inch central blade flanked by two 4-inch flukes
Pre-Drilled Socket: Facilitates easy connection to a wooden shaft for customization
Overall Length: 16.5 inches, Blade Length (Main): 10 inches, Blade Length (Fluke): 4 inches

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