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Aegis of Athena Greek Hoplite Battle-Scarred Helmet

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Step into the footsteps of ancient Greek warriors with our Hoplite Battle-Scarred Helmet. Crafted as a tribute to the legendary Hoplites, this helmet embodies their ferocity, combat skills, and resilience on the battlefield. Hand-forged from high carbon steel, it bears the marks of countless battles, hammer-finished to replicate the scars of war. Forged with precision from 16-gauge steel, this helmet ensures both authenticity and durability, ready to withstand the rigors of reenactment or adorn the shelf as a striking display piece. The iconic crest boasts a distinctive cutout, paying homage to the traditional Greek design. Inside, a comfortable leather liner with adjustable straps guarantees a snug and personalized fit, while padding in the nose area enhances comfort during extended wear. Complete with an adjustable chin strap, this helmet offers both practicality and authenticity for any aspiring Greek warrior.



Hand-forged from high carbon steel, echoing the craftsmanship of ancient Greek artisans
Hammer-finished to replicate battle scars, adding character and authenticity
Constructed from durable 16-gauge steel, ensuring resilience on the battlefield
Iconic crest with cutout design, reminiscent of traditional Greek helmets
Interior leather liner with adjustable straps and padded nose area for personalized comfort

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