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Ame no Habakiri Momonosuke Katana Replica from One Piece

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Immerse yourself in the world of One Piece with our meticulously crafted Ame no Habakiri katana, as wielded by Momonosuke. This stunning replica features a 41-inch blade with a unique design—black back, red wave pattern, and a silver edge. The metal trefold guard adds authenticity, while the handle is adorned with white wrapping, metal embellishments, and a decorative endcap. Housed in a beautifully lacquered scabbard, the white wrapping extends to two decorative tufts, complemented by metal flower motifs.



Authentic Replica: Faithfully recreating Momonosuke's iconic katana, our replica captures the essence of One Piece.
Intricate Blade Design: The 41-inch blade boasts a striking black back, red wave pattern, and a sharp silver edge.
Metal Trefold Guard: The sword features a sturdy metal trefold guard for added realism and durability.
Elegant Handle: The handle is wrapped in white with metal embellishments and a decorative endcap, offering both style and comfort.
Decorative Lacquered Scabbard: The beautiful white lacquered scabbard is adorned with metal flower motifs, providing a touch of elegance to the overall design.

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