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Anglo Saxon No Mans Land Damascus Battle Sword

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This beautiful blade is made from Damascus steel mimicking 10 century Anglo Saxon style. The blade is the first thing you will notice with the chaotic ocean current patterns that are just exquisite. It is constructed from premium quality Damascus that is made from 1095/15n20 alloy steel. The Rockwell rating is 58-60 with 176 true blade layers. The blade tapers towards the tip with parallel edges that come sharp. The cross guard is made from steel with an etching of an Odin’s eye weave. Odin’s eye is a symbol of perception and worldly understanding; in other words wisdom. The grip is just as eye catching as the blade as it is made from high quality materials like hand carved bone and stained wood with brass spacers. The triple lobe pommel is attributed to the Anglo Saxon’s. The center lobe being quite bulbous compared to the two outside lobes. Similar etching is on the pommel matches the cross guard. Included is a sheath with a back strap that is made from premium leather that has been hand sewn. This blade was made for nothing more than battle.



Overall Length: 32.25 Inches; Blade Length: 25.38 Inches; Blade Thickness: 4.15 mm
Blade Material: Damascus Steel, 1095/15n20 alloy steel, 176 Blade Layers
Blades Temper is around 54 to 55
Handle: Length: 6.87 Inches; Material: Sheesham Wood, Bone, Brass Spaces
Guard: Length: 4.25 Inches; Material: Stainless Steel

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