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Azure Pride Handmade Katana

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Unleash the spirit of the lion with our Azure Pride Handmade Katana. Hand crafted from 1060 carbon steel, the striking blue electroplated blade exudes a majestic aura. The ornate metal guard features a regal lion motif in gold, symbolizing strength and courage. The handle, adorned with black rayskin and deep blue wrapping, offers a comfortable grip. The ornate blue metal endcap adds a touch of elegance. Housed in a hard black lacquered scabbard with matching deep blue wrap, this katana is a blend of power and sophistication.



Majestic Blue Blade: The 1060 carbon steel blade is electroplated in a vibrant blue color, capturing the essence of the majestic lion.
Regal Lion Motif: The ornate metal guard boasts a gold-clad lion motif, symbolizing strength, courage, and pride.
Elegant Handle Design: The handle is covered in black rayskin and wrapped in deep blue, providing both comfort and a visually striking contrast.
Ornate Blue Metal Endcap: The finishing touch—a detailed blue metal endcap—adds an extra layer of sophistication.
Sturdy Scabbard: The hard black lacquered scabbard, wrapped in matching deep blue, ensures the katana is safely housed and ready for display or use.

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