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Bamboo Fast Cutter hand forged Katana

Original price $399.99 CAD - Original price $399.99 CAD
Original price
$399.99 CAD
$399.99 CAD - $399.99 CAD
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The Bamboo fast cutter katana is optimized for swift and responsive cutting. The blade is hand forged in 1060 high carbon steel by master sword smiths. The katana is clay tempered to ensure an optimized hardened edge for a smooth cutting edge. This also brings out a beautiful tempering line called a hamone. The unique guard is finished with an antiquated copper finish with a bamboo motif. The wooden handle is wrapped in ray skin and finished with black cord. This fast cutter katana is housed in a black lacquer finished wooden scabbard.



Hand forged 1060 High Carbon Steel
Lightweight highly maneuverable Katana
Real Hamon
Extremely sharp hand honed edge
40 inches overall